Environ AI


EnvironAI, Inc. is a for-profit social mission enterprise using AI Analytics to address environmental challenges, by providing meaningful solutions that preserve our environment, save lives, and reduce economic impact.

Project: Firestorm: AI for social Impact

The FIRESTORM PROJECT applies artificial intelligence and machine leaning (AI/ML) to help identify environmental conditions that cause wild and forest fires. Project Firestorm aims to enhance planning and execution of resources by governmental authorities and fire fighters, while creating an efficient fire prevention and emergency notification performance process for pre-fire planning, controlled fire management and population movement.

PRODUCT: Intelligent Wildfire Prediction and Prevention (IFP2)

IFP2 uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ ML) to identify actionable and tactical information from data stacks and creates informed decisions with conditional data coupled with real-time message processing. EnvironAI leverages Artificial Intelligence to help predict the probabilities of wildfires to help firefighters proactively plan and contain blazes.


Reducing the loss of lives, property, infrastructure, and natural resources from wildfires depends on accurate, timely information and long-term community action. Code named FREDA, EnvironAI’s free mobile application provides public alerts, instructions and support information services for use by all government agencies, firefighters and affected populations.